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Mu dust reservoir

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Mu dust reservoir

The Mu Chen reservoir project in Longyou, Zhejiang, is the exclusive investment BOT project of Zhejiang Shui Xin holding group.
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  Mu dust reservoir project is a key project of Zhejiang province's 100 billion water resources protection, which is exclusively invested by the group company. The project is located on the main stream of the Lingshan River on the right bank of the upper reaches of the Qian Tang River, and it belongs to Mu Hui Township, Qujiang county. It is a large-scale water conservancy project which is mainly composed of flood control, power generation, water supply and water environment improvement. The total capacity is 125 million cubic meters, and the total investment is 450 million yuan. The project is mainly composed of the dam, spillway, emptying, power tunnel and power plant and booster station etc.. The dam is concrete face rockfill dam, the largest dam dam 55.8 meters high, 429 meters long, 5.5 meters wide crest spillway, the shore type spillway, 3 hole arc gate, no hole width of 12 meters, the length of power tunnel? M, the power plant installed 2 vertical shaft Francis turbine generating units, the capacity of the unit is 6300 kilowatts, the project started construction in December 31, 2006, until April 29, 2009, the dam dam store water, August 5th power plant put into operation.
  After the completion of the project, the flood control standard of the Longyou county was raised to 50 years, making the urban area of the lower reaches of the lower reaches of the river free from the flood. It can provide 104 million 100 thousand cubic meters of freshwater resources downstream and provide 38 million 330 thousand kilowatt hour electricity per year, which is of great significance for improving the investment environment and promoting economic development in Longyou. The project won the high quality (Da Yu) prize of China's water conservancy project in 2014.





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