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Three Longchuan County real estate development company limited by the Zhejiang water holding group welcomes the full investment, the company invested and built the "Kam Nga Court" residential real
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  Three gate Longchuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive development enterprise with three level qualification of real estate development established by Zhejiang water Xin Holding Group Co., Ltd. in 2011. The company based on the development of the real estate business in September 2011 acquired through auction field SanMenXian Railway Station District F01-2003 plots, covers an area of 31122 square meters, invested in the construction of "Kam Nga Court" project, and through the auction in March 2013 to obtain new SanMenXian Railway Station field F01-2004 block, covers an area of 4342 square meters, invested in the construction of "Xin water building" project. "Kam Nga Court" project a total of 10 blocks of multi-storey residential and shops, with fresh, modern minimalist style architectural style, architectural plan to make full use of natural ventilation and lighting, and consider the line of sight, landscape, towards, achieve superior vision being practical. Apartment layout area with 90-140 square meters of holiday apartment layout, each unit has a small high-rise public living room, provides a shared communication place from high semi open air garden for the residents, to create a beautiful, safe, comfortable, convenient and has high civilization and cultural taste of the living environment. At present, the "Shui Xin building" is in the design phase of the project.
  The company will uphold the Zhejiang Xin water holding group limited fine style, adhere to the "create quality, contributing to society" business philosophy, follow the "pursuit of excellence, build quality" purposes, continue to make contributions to society.

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