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Motor vehicle driving training

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Motor vehicle driving training

Zhejiang Hangzhou Shui Xin holding group's Hangzhou Zhejiang one water construction vehicle driving training Co., Ltd., founded in 1987, is one of the 18 professional training units who are engaged
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  Hangzhou Zhejiang water built motor vehicle driver training Co. Ltd., founded in 1987, the company registration office is located in Hangzhou Binjiang District West even Park No. 69 shops, training venues are located in Hangzhou and Pu Ying Wai Shun double dam, is one of the 18 professional training units in the first region in Hangzhou automobile driving training. The training company now has large passenger and the passenger, Santana, Jetta, Lavida automatic coach car 85, Hangzhou is one of the few large area co driver training a unit. The company's car model is complete, and can provide A1, B1, C1, C2 and other types of vehicle driving training. The training area is 28900 square meters, the teaching staff is strong, the teaching facilities are complete, the training experience is rich, and the teaching quality is excellent. It ranks the top among all previous Hangzhou's driving training institutions credit quality assessment. He has won the honorary title of "ten best driving training institutions" in Zhejiang and Hangzhou.
  The purpose of the company is to run a school.
  Adhere to the direction of socialist teaching and cultivate talents and talents with both talents and talents
  Adhering to the combination of political and business education and insisting on quality safety and quality first




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