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Hangzhou Construction Engineering Testing Co. Ltd is Zhejiang Xin water holding group's wholly owned enterprise, he is engaged in water conservancy construction engineering testing professional
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    Hangzhou Da Ye Construction Engineering Inspection Co., Ltd. is a professional testing organization for water construction engineering inspection, which was established in April 2009. The predecessor of the company is the experimental center of Zhejiang First Hydropower Construction Group Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1965. It is a testing organization under the directly affiliated enterprises of Zhejiang Provincial Water Conservancy Department. It is approved by Zhejiang Provincial Water Conservancy Department, and is approved by the Ministry of water resources of Zhejiang province. The qualification level is grade II of concrete engineering and geotechnical engineering, and is supervised by the center of water resources and hydropower quality and safety supervision of Yunnan Province.
  Laboratory metrology certification was passed in November 2009. The company has strong technical force, the existing professional and technical personnel more than 20 people, including 1 senior engineers, 6 engineers, 9 assistant engineer. There are 14 qualified personnel for quality testing of concrete engineering and 13 persons with quality testing for geotechnical engineering.
  The company is located in Fuyang District of Hangzhou city streets Sizhou village Silver Lake No. 222, covers an area of 1000 square meters. The company has TDR-2 type concrete quick freeze-thaw device (Kang Dongyi), NYL-2000 type pressure tester, WDW-20E electronic universal testing machine, PHS-2C type digital acidity meter, FG- III liquid plastic limit tester and other test equipment and more than 60 sets. It is equipped with glue room, mechanics room, concrete mixing room, material room, geosynthetics room, geotextile osmosis room, chemical room and so on.
  The company has to undertake routine performance and durability of engineering construction materials (concrete frost resistance and impermeability), optimization of the mixture ratio of chemical admixtures and homogeneity of concrete performance, geosynthetics, reinforced and mechanical properties of copper waterstop mechanical properties, chemical analysis, project quality on-site inspection items and the detection ability of concrete.
  The company has to undertake the Deqing gate reconstruction project, Shaoxing Tangpu reservoir engineering, Longyou Muchen reservoir, Huzhou Laohutan reservoir, Changshan Changfeng water conservancy engineering, Yunnan Lincang Luo river gate Nanhe Hydropower Station, Wuxijiang diversion headwork, Wen Chengdong Creek three dam, Xinjiang Chahansala Wusu hydropower plant civil engineering, Huangpu River upstream section engineering Zishijing water conservancy, Shaoxing Caoe River Wuxi Limin bridge, water conservancy, Wen Huang plain golden gate, fresh Fuyang Huangtianfan drainage gate station and Jiaxing three stores pond hub engineering, Hangzhou water bus terminal project, Zhoushan Ma Zhi Island 300 thousand ton and 100 thousand ton Dock Engineering, Beijing Hangzhou canal Qiantang River communication engineering three Fort lock, first tier and second tier Wenzhou Peninsula shoal reclamation project, Qiantang River standard seawall project, Hangzhou The construction of materials, geomembrane materials and mix proportion of large and medium sized projects such as Xiasha Metropolitan Hotel, Hangzhou Ring Expressway and the four section of Xiasha bridge and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport road are optimized. Many articles and communication materials have been published in the national architecture journals and magazines, and they have won the provincial and office scientific and technological progress awards.
  The company has solved a series of engineering problems. Such as: to solve the application of Pujiang Xianhua reservoir engineering quartz eurite in engineering; Longyou Muchen reservoir engineering concrete anti erosion test of pyrite exploration; water engineering high performance concrete Cao'ejiang sluice project first application in water conservancy project; extrusion side wall concrete in Huzhou Laohutan reservoir exploration test panel the three point compaction of rockfill dam; in Changxing County Hexi reservoir clay quality control application etc..
  The company has set up a set of perfect management system. We should abide by the quality policy of "scientific, fair, timely and accurate". It will provide the best service to all customers in a pragmatic and innovative manner.
Address: Silver Lake Street Sizhou village of Hangzhou city Fuyang District No. 222 (water Xin Holdings Fuyang base) zip code: 310000
Manager: Wang Jia Jia telephone (fax): 0571-86685445





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