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Water construction ship

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Water construction ship

Zhejiang water construction Shipping Co., Ltd. was established in June 2006, and Zhejiang Shui Xin holding group accounts for 51% of its shares. The company has invested to build a "Zhejiang water 11"
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  Zhejiang water construction Shipping Co., Ltd. is a group Incorporated Company's 51% absolute holding independent Incorporated Company. It was registered in Zhoushan in June 2006. Its registered capital is 50 million yuan. At present, there are 10 employees and 6 left behind crew members.
  The construction of dredger construction begins near Hainan District in the city of Zhoushan commissioned Zhaobao ship repair plant from July 2006 to October 2009, has built the "Zhejiang Zhejiang water, water building 11 building 18" two suction dredger, and Zhejiang, Zhejiang water water building 12 building 16 "two cutter suction dredger. At that time, the international dredgers were tight sales, and the company sold the first three dredgers to the second dredging company of India, and achieved good economic benefits.
  From the beginning of June 2010 the company mainly engaged in the management of "Zhejiang water 16" 3500 /h cutter suction dredger, in the construction of coastal reclamation, has to undertake the dredging, Panjin port waterway of Liaoning Province, Hebei province Caofeidian sea reclamation project in Tianjin city and Huanghua port in Shandong Province, such as Binzhou port navigation channel dredging project, over the same period the construction of good benefits. In recent years, due to the reduction of investment in the reclamation project and the increase in the number of dredging ships by the four main channel businesses in China, the construction projects for "Zhejiang Shui Jian 16" ship have been greatly impacted. At present, our company is trying to find the effective construction business of "Zhejiang water construction 16" dredger. Meanwhile, we need to develop port and water conservancy construction management projects in various ways, expand our international market based on the domestic market, strive for greater development space of our company, and create better performance.




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