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The three stage power station of the Ma Ma River

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The three stage power station of the Ma Ma River

The three level hydropower station of the pia river began to be built in October 2011, and the power station was formally connected to the network in February 4, 2013.
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  By the company full investment Pianma river three hydroelectric station in Yunnan city in October 2011 to develop the construction of Lushui, located in the west of Yunnan, high Li area in National Nature Reserve, the minimum distance between the border line distance is only 43 meters, Pianma River belongs to the Irrawaddy tributaries of the water flows through Burma into India ocean. The project is composed of the main structures, such as the first hub, the water transport tunnel, the pressure pipeline, the power plant, the boost station and the transmission line.
  The power plant is a high head and no regulation runoff type power station. It mainly takes the responsibility of generating tasks, taking into account the factors such as reliability and flexibility, convenient maintenance and engineering economy. The number of generating units is 2. The capacity of the unit is 4000 kilowatts. After the completion of the project, the average generating capacity has reached 41 million 480 thousand kwh for many years. The installed capacity is 5185h per hour. The project was formally incorporated into the Nu River Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid in February 2013.
  The completion of the project fully utilized and utilized the water resources of the Pima River, facilitated the optimal allocation and sustainable utilization of water resources in the Pima River Basin, and also promoted the economic development in the border area of the Malaysia and Malaysia. It is also a bright spot for the group company to invest in the southwest border of the motherland.




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