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Xianhua reservoir

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Xianhua reservoir

Xianhua reservoir investment project is Zhejiang Xin water holding group enterprise first BOT project. Xian reservoir is a water based, combined with the power of water conservancy and Hydropower engi
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       Is the first Xianhua reservoir is built according to the BOT project group, a water conservancy project since the reform and opening up is also the largest investment in Pujiang county.
  Xianhua reservoir is located in the upper reaches of gold Kengling reservoir in Zhejiang province Pujiang county about 2km project, from Pujiang county about 6.5km. The site is located in the right bank of the dam toe. Inter basin water retaining weir is located at the Xiazhuang Xue Haruki swim about 150.0m the source of pot on the river. All roads are now accessible to the dam site, the site of the factory and the weir and dams, and the traffic is convenient to the outside world.
  Reservoir project by the dam, flood diversion buildings, inter basin water diversion buildings, power plants and booster station etc.. The dam is concrete face rockfill dam, the dam height of 74.0m, the width 6m, crest length 190m. The flood tunnel is a circular cavity with a length of 255.46 meters. The cross basin water diversion building adopts a non pressure gate hole type, with a total length of 1776 meters. The power plant uses the water diversion ground type and the horizontal generator set. The main building and the auxiliary building are arranged along the foot of the mountain, and the booster station is equipped with 2 main transformers.
  Xian reservoir is on water supply, irrigation, water conservancy and hydropower engineering combined with power generation. The reservoir normal water level is 238.0m, the total reservoir capacity is 11 million 580 thousand M fand, reservoir design annual water supply 11 million 680 thousand M irrigation water 2 million 220 thousand M fand, design fand, power plant installed capacity of 2 * 0.5MW, annual average generating capacity of 1 million 970 thousand kW.h. The construction of this project makes full use of local abundant water resources, solve the gold Kengling irrigation water including Pujiang County, Pujiang, to meet the needs of the county and Township Village Industrial and living water to improve the comprehensive development, Xian Huashan provincial scenic area environmental and cultural tourism, promote the development of the national economy in Pujiang county is very important.






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