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The first party members conference of Zhejiang Shuixin Holdings Group in 2018 was successfully held

On the morning of April 4, Zhejiang Shuxin Holding Group Co., LTD held its first party member conference, in which 11 party members of the group attended.
The CPC branch committee of Zhejiang Shuixin Holding Group Co., LTD was established upon the approval of document No. 4 [2018] of New Economic Organization and New Social Organization Working Committee of Xixing subdistrict, Binjiang district of the CPC. In accordance with the principle of organization, three comrades, Su Chen, Wang Jiajia and Du Jinhua, were elected as party branch secretaries.
At the meeting, Chairman Jiang Wenlong pointed out that, the party organization and part members can give full play to the exemplary, and earnestly study the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party, dare to bear in the new era with new missions, and be strict with themselves, setting an example for the enterprise employees, to gather strength and wisdom of the masses of workers, arouse the enthusiasm of staff, so as to keep the ideological building pace with the times, to strive for the realization of enterprise development.