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Two technical improvements have been completed at Pianma River Three-cascade Hydropower Station

In mid-march, the Pianmab River Three-cascade Hydropower Station in Yunnan province successfully completed two technological improvements: the sewage gate at the inlet of dam No. 1 and the voltage transformer of the booster station of the power plant.
Since Pianma River Three-cascade Hydropower Station is a runoff power station with nonadjustable storage capacity, during flood seasons, there will be a lot of branches, living garbage and other debris from upstream block the inlet trash rack, which have a severe impact on power generation. To reduce security risks of staff in dregs salvage and the intensity of labor, and to ensure benefit from generation during flood seasons, the company decided to install a trash remover, which has been successfully installed after days of hard work.
Pianma River Three-cascade Hydropower Station is located at an elevation of 1600 to 1800 meters above sea level, where the thunderstorm and lightning happen frequently in rain seasons, which often destroy the voltage transformer of booster station. In order to ensure the power generation efficiency and safe operation of the power plant, after investigation and argumentation, the company the decision to change the original designed electromagnetic voltage transformer to a capacitive voltage transformer, and this work has also completed by the efforts of all staff recently.