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The first Trade Union Congress of Zhejiang Shuixin Holding Group in 2018 was successfully held

On April 4, 2018, Zhejiang Shuixin Holding Group Co., LTD successfully held the first Trade Union Congress, which was attended by a total of 18 representatives of company leaders and trade union members.
In order to implement organization of trade union, the trade union committee of Zhejiang Shuixin Holdings Group Co., LTD was established in accordance with the Trade Union Law, the Articles of Trade Unions and the relevant managing requirements of the group, and approved by the No. 5 [2018] document of the first Trade Union Working Committee of Hangzhou high-tech district. Three comrades, Su Chen, Zheng Shuhe and Chen Renda were elected as the trade union committee of Zhejiang Shuxin holding Group Co., LTD: Comrade Su Chen is the chairman of the trade union and commissary of the female worker committee; comrade Zheng Shuhe is the commissary of audit committee and mediation of labor disputes; and comrade Chen Renda is the commissary of labor protection supervision and also of legal supervision.
At the meeting, Chairman Jiang Wenlong expressed his warm congratulations to the newly elected union cadres. He also put forward his requests on the Trade Union committee for next step:
First, it is hoped that the newly elected members of the trade union committee and groups should conscientiously perform their duties, proceed from the nature and characteristics of the work of the Trade Union, combine with the targets of company's development, actively carry out work, fully perform all functions of the Trade Union, and constantly improve the work level.
Second, we should pay attention to the thoughts and lives of our employees, listen to their aspirations, correctly reflect their reasonable demands, relieve their difficulties, take more practical actions, and promote development of the company in harmony.
Third, we should organize and carry out various activities at times so that so the corporate culture can be built by employees through participating in activities; we should also constantly expand the connotation of corporate culture, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, and constantly enhance the company's centripetal force and cohesion.
Chairman Jiang Wenlong emphasized that to play a more effective role of Trade Union organizations in enterprises, we should keep the purpose of the Trade Union organization in mind, and the majority of employees trust and expectations as well, combine it with the actual situations, focus on the company's management and operation, give full play to the work of the subjective initiative, so as to perform the various functions of the union effectively, and promote  harmonious enterprise actively.