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It is a comprehensive group invested mainly by water conservancy and power generation, including investment engineering inspection service, engineering shipping industry, motor vehicle driving training, real estate industry and so on.

Chairman Speech

Since its founding, Zhejiang Shui Yan Holding Group has been adhering to the corporate spirit of "unity and hard work, active exploration, realistic and innovative, scientific management and the pursuit of excellence" and has implemented the business philosophy of "social satisfaction, satisfaction of local government, shareholder satisfaction and employee satisfaction" We will continue to explore the steady development of capital operation and entity management and actively participate in international competition. Determined to become the province and even domestic and international influential water and hydropower investment enterprise group.


At present, the company has set up nine subsidiaries across the country, of which 4 are water conservancy and hydropower investment companies. In addition, it involves industries such as engineering testing, engineering shipping, real estate, motor vehicle driving training and tourism development. Basically, Investment-based, multi-industry investment and management mode of operation.

New era, new mission, we down-to-earth; ambitious, with the world. We base ourselves on Zhejiang, radiate the whole country and look global. In the face of the future, we have only one goal: to make greater contribution to society through our own strength and efforts, and to create a brand of excellent investment in the project with "honesty and quality".

We firmly believe that the maturing Shui-Hin Holdings Group will, with more robust steps and support and collaboration from all walks of life and partners, work hard to make the company as always, and the company will surely welcome a brighter tomorrow!